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Passing of Dan Hoscheid: Dan passed away this morning, March 4th, in his sleep as a result of the injuries he experienced from the car accident. I can't help but remember how many of you donated money to help with Dan's quality of life after the accident. Thank you for your generosity and for helping when he needed it most. gloria


Pat Donahue would like everyone to send an encouraging message to classmate Tacker (Jack) Devine. Tacker has bone marrow cancer. He has undergone some treatment and is taking a hollistic approach to it for now. He is not working, devoting his energy to fighting this cancer. Call Tacker in Bozeman at 406.586.3164 or send a card to 704 N 17th Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715. Thank you!


A website for you to check out. Anaconda/Deer Lodge County now has its own independent website. Enjoy the photos.


Encouragement for Dan:


Grab your beverage of choice and treat yourself to classmate Mike McCollough's webpage. His photos are amazing.


Check this out. It is well worth your time. And you will see Kathy Collins at her best. Visit click on Hidden In Plain Sight. Prepare for a long wait as the file is huge.....the video lasts about 20 minutes. You will be glad you did!

An update on Dan. A classmate of ours visited Dan recently in Missoula. He said Dan is confident he will gain full use of his arms and hands within a few months. Dan is working hard every day, is in good spirits and has a positive attitude. Email gloria if you would like Dan's mailing address and phone number.


Good Gossip:
If you happen to be in town Thursday, June 29th, be at Club Moderne at 7:00pm to wish Dan Sullivan a happy 50th birthday.

Did you see Tony Sestrich's home featured on HGTV? Let's plan our next class reunion at his place!

Tim Ohman was lost but now has been found - his address is updated and in the directory. Glad we found you, Tim!


Kathy Lindblad Craig:
Hello Anaconda Class of 1975. Thank you very much for sending the photo of the 30th reunion and the web link information. I wasn't able to make it due to a wedding which our family attended the same weekend. It sounds like you had a rich variety of activities and a good time. I was wondering if anyone might be so kind as to post a list of names of those who were in the class picture. I thought I might take a stab at it but was afraid I would embarrass myself too badly by not recognizing people whom I should know. The additional photos on the website are very nice too but when I hold my cursor over them to find the names nothing shows up. God bless you all and (since I'm writing in December) Merry Christmas. Kathy Lindblad Craig Carter, Montana

Ann Jean Gates:
HI-- This is the first time I visited the page. Great job. I had a great time at the reunion. I loved seeing everyone! I pray for everyone to have a safe and great next five years and want to see each and everyone there. Thanks for the memories... Love Ann Jean Merry Christmas everyone....


Gloria (Enloe) O'Rourke
   I never imagined the 30th reunion would be so much was great seeing all of you. Confession? My serving on the Planning Committee was motivated by sheer terror. I had a dream (nightmare, actually) that I took first place in the 30th Reunion Biggest Buns contest. I figured if I helped plan the activities, there would simply be no time for such a contest. The plan worked! We were busy with registration, conversations, photos, hugs, golf, the picnic, bar tour, Bunco, smores, laughter, campfire, a memorial mass, pancakes and finally, good-byes.
   There was no time as well to let you know who else served on the Reunion Planning Committee--they worked long and hard to make the reunion possible: John and Judy (Mehrens)Goldberg, Pat and Pops Donahue, Karen (Matthew) and Duane Solberg, and Wendy (Moses) Keyes. Other folks attended a few meetings, but these were the "worker bees." Special thanks to Connie McKay for arranging the Sunday morning Memorial Service, Marilyn Bennett for tracking down so many addresses and to Howard Rustad for generating ideas. See you at the 35th Reunion (July 23 - 25, 2010) if not before.

Robert Campbell:
   I just wanted to say thanks to the Reunion Committee for arranging everything for the reunion. As far as comments or suggestions I really feel that I don't have the right to say much as I haven't helped in the past or attended any in the past. My job for over 20 years was a field engineer for a Defense contractor. I was always gone overseas and in the US working. Two weeks before our 20th my mother died so it isn't that I didn't want to participate.
   As far as ideas or suggestion for future or for the web site...With all of the phototype software for PCs, as you know, you can do anything. Take the yearbook individual pictures and have a picture taken recently. A before and after type thing. For the reunion it would have been nice to have the yearbook, 10th, 20th and the 30th pictures of the students and track the changes. Project them on the wall during social night. Or post them on the web. Thanks again.

Tony Sestrich:
   Oh boy, I thought I would finally attend a class reunion. Unfortunately I had to choose between a family event in Anaconda the weekend of August 12th or the reunion. My family would be upset if I choose the later. I'm so sorry. There are many people I've thought about over the years and wished I could attend. Warmly, Tony

Charlotte Corrigan:
   THANK YOU REUNION COMMITTEE FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK!!!!!!!!!! I had a great time and it was so great to see and talk to as many of you as I had a chance to do. I wish we had had more time because there was so much more to talk about. I hope we all keep in touch! Charlotte

Gene Marcille:
   I want to add my thank you to Gloria, Judy, Pat and the rest of the planners who made this reunion such a super time for me and for Nancy. There are only a few times in life when reality surpasses anticipation - yet our class reunions have always left me feeling incredibly lucky to have grown up and to have come of age with such a cool group of people in such a unique place. Until next time - Cheers! Gene Marcille

Virginia Siders:
    I wish to send my thanks to the planning committee for the wonderful job you all did in putting the reunion together. I had a great time and enjoyed visiting with everyone. Attending the class reunion was an enriching experience. For those who were aware of my travel plans I did arrive safely to Fort Campbell, Kentucky two weeks ago. My younger Brother Bob and I drove down. It was a long trip of 1800 miles. Bob went back to Montana on the Bus. I am here to support my oldest daughter Holly any way I can while her husband Drew is deployed to Iraq. His second tour. He leaves in September. Sometime after his departure we plan to return to Montana to live. We are returning sooner than we first planned. ( to Butte). I am looking forward to the 35th Class reunion in 2010. Virginia Siders

Steve Gonzales:
    Gloria, and fellow classmates- wow! This reunion was fantastic! It was great to re-connect with old friends and make "new" friends with others. There was a big choice of activities and a lot of time to share. For everyone who worked to bring this about- I want to personally thank from the bottom of my heart. With all our daily responsibilities, I know that working to bring this together meant a great sacrifice for many. I also would like to thank everyone who travelled distances to come to the event as well. Lastly, just remember I think of many of you in my prayers daily. May the good Lord bless you all! -Steve.